HHSRS Property Inspector

IMH Recruitment are seeking a HHSRS Property Inspector to work in Private Sector Housing in Rotherham

The Role:

  • The Contractor will be allocated multiple inspection addresses and can work at any time from 8am to 10pm by appointment. Non appointment visits can only be attempted between 9am and 6pm.
  • Contractors will be required to act professionally; this includes the way they dress, which must be smart and not display any advertising or slogans. They must act with curtesy to clients and colleagues.
  • Contractors will be expected manage their own health and safety whilst on site and traveling whilst undertaking any part of this contract. They must also cooperate with the council in its Health and Safety arrangements which will include logging on and off with a designated contact whilst working on site.
  • Depending on the quality of the inspection documentation the Contractor will be allocated as many inspection addresses as they can deliver. However, it is expected that allocated inspections will be completed or returned as in- accessible within 3 weeks of allocation.
  • Contractors will invoice monthly, and payments will be authorised following a successful Quality Assessment of the documentation.
  • The inspecting officer will remain responsible for communicating with landlords / tenants over any disputed inspections in the first instance. The inspecting officer will remain responsible to attend any tribunal hearing in response to any Notice they produce. A reasonable additional fee will agree where an officer is required to attend a tribunal.


  • Location: Rotherham
  • Salary: £85 - £85 per hour
  • Type: Full-time
  • Reference: OH/HPI
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